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General Conformity Certificates (GCC)


Premium E-liquid

Affliction - 30mL (.pdf)

Chem101 - 30mL (.pdf)

Chem 202 - 30mL (.pdf)

Dead Eye - 30mL (.pdf)

End of Vapes - 30mL (.pdf)

Jokers Wild - 30mL (.pdf)

Just V.A.P.E - 30mL (.pdf)

Maximus Flavors - 30mL (.pdf)

Ride Or Die - 60mL (.pdf)

Osiris Elixirs - 30mL (.pdf)

Osirs Elixirs -60mL (.pdf)

The Bakery - 30mL (.pdf)

Chubby Gorilla Bottles - GCC (.pdf)

If you need a GCC that is not listed here, please contact us.

Private Label House E-Liquid & Contract Manufactured E-Liquid

To protect our clients confidentiality we are unable to allow public viewing and download.

To request a copy of a Private Labeled, or Contract Manufactured E-Liquid GCC please contact us.